Travel personal belongings organizer bag

To organize your belongings

36 SAR

Travel organizer bag

The personal belongings organizer bag during travel is your first choice to provide convenience and eliminate the hassle of organizing personal items during your travels.


This bag is your personal companion during travel, for men and women, as it can be carried individually or in the bag, and it can also be used at home to store and collect your belongings and personal belongings in one place,

The organizer bag contains several pockets of different sizes and widths to be able to use multiple purposes, anywhere, and special items can be kept in the spacious bottom pocket, tightly closed with a zipper

It is characterized by ease of folding and tight closure, in addition to containing transparent pockets to facilitate visibility and access to the things you want easily, it is a practical and suitable bag for all uses.

Specifications of the travel personal belongings organizer bag:

  • 100% microfiber and plastic bag
  • Closed and transparent multi-pocket bag for easy organization of things
  • It can be folded 3 times to save more space when stored
  • A secure bag, it is designed with a Velcro closure
  • Durable and waterproof
  • 36 SAR

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