Sterilization bracelet

A bracelet filled with sanitizer

23 SAR

Maintain greater safety when using hand sanitizer, through the smart sterilization bracelet, all you have to do is fill it with the appropriate sterilizer and place it around your wrist, and when you need to sterilize your hands, just press it easily at any time

It is made in an attractive and elegant design and includes a refillable bottle of up to 30ml, which provides you with all-day sterilization, it is also safe on the skin and does not cause any side effects, in addition, the size can be adjusted to fit the size of your wrist.

Sterilization bracelet specifications

  • An easy-to-use sterilization bracelet anywhere, anytime frequently
  • Available in a wonderful design and different colors to suit your taste
  • Can be filled with sterilizer up to 30ml and used throughout the day
  • The bracelet is safe on the skin and easy to use, it is suitable for the size of your hands and can be adjusted.
  • 23 SAR

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