Comfortable Sock Slipper

Made of heat resistant rubber

55 SAR

Sock Comfort Slippers

The comfortable Sock slipper is made of heat-resistant rubber, in addition to the insole made of 100% cotton, and therefore it provides very high comfort for your feet, and keeps them cool and fresh away from moisture and perspiration, especially as it is equipped with air-traveling and ventilation holes.

This slipper is a suitable choice for wearing indoors and outdoors, as it is easy to put on and take off, and can be walked easily in all places, as it is equipped with an anti-slip sole to provide you with a high degree of safety while wearing it.


Specifications of the comfortable sock slipper:

  • Soft, comfortable, easy to take off and put on
  • Keeps your feet fresh, breathable and prevents sweating
  • Made of heat-resistant rubber and the insole is made of cotton.
  • 55 SAR

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