Scarf Carrying & Organizing Relationship

Scarf organizer holds up to 26 scar

26 SAR

Scarf Carrying

The Scarf Organizer Hanger is a polyester fabric product that can be hung inside your wardrobe or on the wall to be able to arrange and hang your scarves in an orderly manner, helping you to easily access them when needed.

The scarf hanger is a classic and elegant addition to your wardrobe, it also saves space inside the closet and keeps scarves not wrinkled, and it has a sturdy and durable construction that is not easily broken.


Specifications of Scarf Carrying & Organizing Hanger:


  • Scarf hanger holds up to 26 scarfs
  • The nice-looking hanger matches the decor of your room and keeps the closet elegant
  • The relationship can be installed inside the closet or on the column, door, or wall
  • 26 SAR

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