Rotating holder for organizing personal accessories

قابل للدوران في كافة الاتجاهات

20 SAR

حامل تنظيم الاكسسوارات

The rotating accessories holder completes the elegant look in your room as it saves space and gives an aesthetic shape, and collects your items and accessories in one place,

It can be placed on the dressing table, bedside table, or anywhere in the room without fear of breaking it, it is made of durable and scratch-resistant melamine,

The rack consists of several containers arranged on top of each other in an orderly manner, which can be rotated, opened, and closed to save space in narrow spaces and small spaces

Accessories Organizer Stand Specifications:

  • A durable and sturdy accessory holder keeps your accessories organized and at your fingertips
  • Made in a way that saves space, and can be rotated in all directions
  • The holder is elegant in shape, so it can be a special gift
  • 20 SAR

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