Portable electronic scale

Precise electronic scale

40 SAR

Portable Electronic Scale

If you follow a healthy diet or want to know your weight constantly, this electronic scale is designed to meet your needs, as it is small in size and light in weight that you can carry anywhere, and on top of that, it bears weights up to 150 kg.

It is equipped with an electronic display that gives you an accurate result of your weight. It also works with the battery without the need for electricity, in addition to the automatic shutdown feature to preserve the battery life and use it indoors and outdoors easily.

You can use it to know your weight or even the weight of the things you want inside the house, whether it is recipes for food or other materials, it is suitable for all uses.


Specifications of portable electronic scale:


  • A highly accurate electronic scale that holds up to 150 kg of weight
  • Equipped with a screen for easy reading of the weight accurately
  • Small in size, light in weight, and sturdy, it can hold various things
  • It can be carried easily and used in travel and outdoors

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  • 40 SAR

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