Nail polish holder

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19 SAR

حامل طلاء الأظافر

The nail polish holder is a very powerful tool that you can use to hold the nail polish bottle firmly to prevent it from spilling during use, thus helping you to keep your floor and furniture completely clean,

With a practical stand and a distinctive design, you can change its length according to what suits your use, in addition to the possibility of changing the position of the angle you want, and it is suitable for all sizes and shapes of bottles.

The paint stand mounts to your dresser when you need it, and the paint bottle holds firmly for you to use it comfortably and easily.

Nail polish holder specifications:

  • The stand has an attractive design and aesthetic appearance that matches the design of your room
  • The durable and sturdy stand that prevents spills on the floor, table, and furniture
  • It can be adjusted to the height or angle you want
  • Holds all shapes and sizes of bottles thanks to its sizing feature
  • With anti-slip surface

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  • 19 SAR

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