Magnetic eyeglass hanger

Magnetic glasses holder

17 SAR

Magnetic eyeglass hanger

A magnetic eyeglass hanger is a creative way to help hang your eyeglasses neatly, especially if your shirt doesn't have a pocket to put it in,

A two-piece hanger, so that the first is placed inside the clothes and the other outside so that the shirt fabric is between the two pieces, which become identical over each other by a strong magnet that brings them together, and then you can hang the glasses on them securely.

The magnetic glasses hanger can be used in any place of the clothes, such as the pants pocket or in the shirt sleeve, it is safe and does not leave any traces on the clothes in addition to that it fits all materials of clothing, and maintains the external look and elegant appearance.


Specifications of magnetic eyeglass hanger:

  • Nice looking relationship and does not cause traces or scratches on clothes
  • The glasses hanger works with all materials of clothing and is used easily
  • Hanger suitable for use in other purposes such as hanging headphones or cards and other supplies
  • 17 SAR

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