Long-sleeved baby bib

Bib to cover your child's body

15 SAR

Long-sleeved baby bib

If you are tired of your child's clothes constantly getting dirty, this bib is the right solution, as it features long sleeves that cover the entire arm, and provides protection from stains and dirt for the entire body of the child.

It is also light in weight and made of high-quality material with a soft touch to provide comfort for your child, and it is characterized by its elegant design suitable for boys and girls and is used for multiple purposes such as eating or teaching drawing and writing, etc.


Baby bibs specification:


  • Made of high-quality material that is easy to clean and washable
  • The bib is waterproof, lightweight and easy to store
  • It covers the entire garment and sleeves to protect it from stains and dirt.
  • 15 SAR

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