Headrest to stabilize and rest the head

Easy and secure Headrest

25 SAR

Headrest to stabilize

If you are facing any pain or problems in the neck or when you put your head on the sofa or the car, you need the soft sponge head stabilizer, to stabilize your head and feel comfortable and relaxed

All you have to do is install it on the chair in the car or the sofa and even on the plane while traveling, and put your head safely, it is soft and provides comfort and relaxation, and provides stability for the head, so there is no need to be afraid if you take a simple nap while you are on the sofa.


Headrest specification:


  • The headrest gives great stability, comfort, and relaxation
  • You can easily install it as well as remove it and fold it
  • Can be installed on the car seat, sofa, or plane
  • 25 SAR

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