Foldable storage box

Equipped with a front panel

19 SAR

Foldable storage box

A box to store and save different things, helps you collect your things in one place for easy finding or access,

The storage box is characterized by an elegant design that is suitable for use in the office or at home in a distinct aesthetic, in addition to strength and durability as it is made of soft and strong fabric and equipped with strong handles for easy carrying


You can fold it when you don't need it, open it up and put the things you want to organize whenever you want, and it has a front board for you to write down your notes or specifications of the things you keep for easy access.


Storage box specifications:


  • Durable and lightweight box
  • Suitable for use anywhere
  • Attractive and elegant box
  • It has a front board for writing and taking notes
  • 19 SAR

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