Foldable children's potty (toilet seat)

Folding Children's Potty

42 SAR

Folding Children's Potty

By using this children's potty, help your child to relieve himself safely away from toilet bacteria and germs spread in it, all you have to put it on the toilet seat for the child to sit on comfortably, and after using it you clean and fold it for use when needed again.

This potty provides great comfort to your child when used as it is made of ABS, in addition to being safe on the skin, it is easy to fold and is an excellent way to teach your child to use the toilet.


Specifications of the foldable baby potty:


  • A newly designed toilet seat for your children to sit on instead of sitting on the toilet directly
  • Stable, anti-slip, easy to use, and foldable
  • Suitable for use with any shape of the toilet seat
  • Made of safe, non-toxic, and odorless material.
  • 42 SAR

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