Foldable container

يمكنك تخزين مختلف الأغراض بداخلها

55 SAR

حاوية أغراض قابلة للطي

Save as much space as possible by storing things with this container, which allows you to store various things inside, as it reaches a height of 40 cm, and can be folded to a length of 10 cm, to make it easier to store when not in use.

The collapsible container is designed specifically for your convenience, and to store your items safely. It is made of durable materials, enabling it to withstand various conditions when using or moving, in addition to containing strong handles for easy carrying, moreover, it is elegantly designed and looks very beautiful.

Specifications of the personal belongings organizer bag:

  • Sturdy and sturdy storage container for multi-purpose use
  • It can be carried easily to provide you convenient storage and transportation
  • It saves a lot of space by collecting things when in use, and it can be folded to save space also when not in use
  • Container with a sturdy and practical design with sturdy handles to help you carry it.

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  • 55 SAR

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