Flexible container to keep and organize things

مقسمة إلى 3 أقسام وقابلة للطي

44 SAR

حاوية مرنة لحفظ الأغراض

This storage and organization container is the perfect solution to make use of space in your room or car, and store personal items, cleaning supplies, and more

Flexible and foldable container, which reduces space and makes it easy to store when not needed, and it is quick to open and close and easy to carry so that it becomes like a handbag and can be carried easily

The organizer bin comes with a unique design that is divided into three large sections so that it is easy for you to sort and organize the things inside for easy access.


Flexible Container Features:


  • Strong and durable container made of sturdy canvas
  • 3-section container with flat folds that folds away when not in use
  • Mesh cloth is placed on the outside for storing paper money, documents, etc.
  • 44 SAR

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