Extendable rubber handle back grip

Back Knit with Rubber Handle

19 SAR

Extendable Back Knit

If you feel the need to itch in your back or any area that you cannot reach with your hands, this itch is the most suitable to help you, as it is light in weight and has an elegant shape and you can use it easily.

Equipped with a soft plastic handle, and a soft stainless steel tip, it is safe so that it does not cause any scratches on the skin. You can carry it anywhere. It is small in size and equipped at the end of the handle with a clip like a pen. You can easily hang it in your pocket. Its length is 15 cm, and when you use it, you can extend it up to 50 cm.


Specifications of the stretchable back rub:


  • A tool for rubbing the body easily, especially for places that you cannot reach with your hand
  • Expandable from 15 cm to 50 cm and can be carried in a pocket by means of a pen-like clip
  • Scrub with rubber handle and stainless steel tip
  • Available in different colors, easy to carry and use
  • 19 SAR

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