Kitchen apron with mobile phone case

Kitchen apron with chef bag

25 SAR

Kitchen apron

The waterproof kitchen apron comes with a mobile phone pouch so that explanations and recipes can be followed during cooking while keeping it away from wetness and dirt.

The kitchen apron also features a pocket for the chef in which he can put all his supplies during cooking

Equipped with long straps made of elastic fibers, tied around the body according to the appropriate size, in addition to the hanging rope around the neck, which provides you with the maximum possible comfort, and you can adjust it as desired

The apron is very effective and practical because of its spacious size, which includes the chest area and covers the entirety of your clothes, and protects them from wetness and dirt.


Kitchen Apron Specifications:


• Apron is waterproof and can be washed in the electric sink

• The apron covers all clothes and protects them from dirt and wetness

• The apron has a long transparent case for mobile phone

• You can use your mobile phone while cooking

• Contains an extra pocket for cooking spoons

  • 25 SAR

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