Vacuum bedding and clothes storage bag

Vacuum Storage Bag

19 SAR

Bed linen storage bag

Do you struggle to store bedding and clothes appropriately? Or you don't have enough space to store linens and clothes in your closet?

The mattress storage bag with vacuum technology is the most suitable solution for you, as it helps you save a very large space, up to 78% of the original storage space

The mattress storage bag works with air suction technology, which contributes to saving space and preventing the formation of moisture and unpleasant odor between the clothes during storage, especially since it is sealed with double zippers to keep the bedding clean and away from the entry of dust and dirt.


Bedding and clothes storage bag specifications:


  • The mattress storage bag is available in three different sizes that you can choose from
  • The storage bag keeps clothes and bedding clean from dust, insects or bacteria and dirt
  • It can be reused more than once and it is easy to use
  • A bedding storage bag is the best way to save a lot of storage space while organizing the house
  • Airtight double zipper closure made of PA and PE materials.
  • 19 SAR

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