Toilet footstool

footstool lavatory

30 SAR

lavatory footstool

The footstool for the syringe toilet is the hygienic way that you can use when you need to, as it makes your body take a healthy and proper position to relieve itself, which provides you with protection from colon problems.

The footstool is placed under the syringe toilet, and the feet are placed on it when needed, with stability, safety, and comfort. It is equipped with rubber feet that prevent slipping, and it is wide in space and suitable for adults, and to train youngsters to use the toilet and sit properly as well.

Durable and very strong, it also has rubber feet to prevent slipping, provides your child to sit comfortably when using it thanks to its spacious space, and is an excellent tool for training to use the toilet.


Toilet footrest specification:


  • Aligns the colon to facilitate excretion.
  • Prevents constipation and treats hemorrhoids.
  • Provides easy sitting and natural posture.
  • It helps you relieve your bowels faster and more completely.
  • Very solid.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Anti-slip legs.
  • Ample space helps you sit comfortably.
  • 30 SAR

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