Essential Storage Box - For Home & Outdoors

Box for indoor and outdoor use

19 SAR

Supplies Storage Box

The storage box provides you with the perfect solution on outdoor trips or indoors, it helps you store a lot of things, thanks to its capacity and sturdy structure,

The box is made of durable material to withstand heavyweights and the shocks that may be exposed to the movement, and its closure is very tight and contains wheels from the bottom and a handle to make it easy to carry and transport


Specifications of the travel essentials storage box:


  • Large-capacity storage box, sturdy in structure and elegant and distinctive design
  • The supplies storage box keeps your supplies in one place so you can find them easily
  • A sturdy box with durable material, to withstand weights and shocks during transportation and use
  • It can be used to store travel items or storage at home to store items, tools, and personal items
  • 19 SAR

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