Extendable rubber handle back grip

Back hook with key ring

19 SAR

Extendable Back Knit

Small back rub, made of metal, with a stainless steel tip that is soft against the skin, has a soft handle for comfort while using it, and it is equipped with a key ring to hang it with your keys or things in one place

It is 11 cm long and can be extended up to 29 cm, so you can reach difficult places, and use it comfortably and easily.


Specifications of the stretchable back rub:

  • A tool for rubbing the body easily, especially for places that you cannot reach with your hand
  • Extendable from 11cm to 29cm, and attached to a key ring for easy portability
  • Knife with rubber handle, stainless steel tip, and key ring
  • Available in different colors, easy to carry and use
  • 19 SAR

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