Steam mop for cleaning bathroom mirror

Steam mop for bathroom mirror

10 SAR

bathroom mirror cleaning

You can now remove the accumulated steam on the mirror with ease, to use it while shaving or applying makeup, all you have to do is install this wiper through the adhesive at its tip, and move it in a circular motion on the mirror parts to clean it well

Made of strong plastic material, it has a soft silicone squeegee on the tip that removes steam without causing any scratches on the mirror, and it comes in 35 cm length so you can reach large parts of the woman.


Steam mop specifications:


  • Mirror squeegee to remove steam
  • It can be moved in a circular motion like clockwise to clean all over your mirror
  • It measures 35 cm in length and has an absorbent adhesive at its end for easy installation
  • 10 SAR

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