Grill ready to use

Charcoal grill for quick use

25 SAR

Ready-to-use grill

Get the best result while grilling, and use this extendable grill to put whatever types of grills you want, it is safe during use because it has a variable size handle that comes in a length of 26 cm and can be extended up to 88 cm

This grill is the easiest way to grill food, it is a ready-made grill that contains all-natural charcoal without any additives or chemicals, so as not to leave bad residue on the food, it is very safe and healthy

This grill saves you the trouble of carrying heavy grilling equipment. It is light in weight and can be carried anywhere. It is also quick to ignite. All you have to do is put the meat or what you want to grill on and start grilling immediately with ease.

Ready-to-use grill specifications:

  • Lightweight and compact grill that can be used easily
  • Suitable for trips and barbecue outside and even indoors
  • All-natural charcoal grill, without any chemicals or additives
  • Gives a delicious flavor
  • 25 SAR

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