Mattress for travel and trips

Easy folding mattress for trips

45 SAR

Mattress for trips

The mattress is suitable for travel and outdoor trips where you can use it for picnics and camping, and enjoy sitting on the beach or outdoors, it is lightweight and easy to carry and transport to take it with you anywhere easily,

It has a thin and elegant design, various attractive colors, and is available in dimensions of 175 x 135 cm, and can be folded and reduced to a size of 10 x 16 inches, so you can store it inside a suitcase


Travel Mattress Specifications:


  • A distinctive travel mattress with a modern and attractive design and elegant appearance
  • Equipped with a thin plastic layer, to make it more comfortable, waterproof and dirt-proof
  • It can be folded and stored easily to take with you anywhere.
  • 45 SAR

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