Hair brush for shower and head massage

A brush to wash and massage

15 SAR

Hair brush for shower

Provide your child a safe and quiet bath without tears or fear, using this hairbrush, as it helps you clean and massages your child's head safely, and gives him a wonderful feeling without harm or scratches like a regular brush.

Made of silicone, which makes it soft on the skin, and contributes to moving blood circulation, massaging the head, and combing hair for children, and it is also suitable for use by adults as well.


Specifications of shower hairbrush:


  1. Made of soft silicone, it is safe and effective for bathing and massaging your baby's scalp and skin
  2. A brush available in many bright colors that provides an atmosphere of fun for the child
  3. Can be used for bathing, head massage, or hair brushing
  • 15 SAR

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