Car air freshener box

Contains 44 small packages

250 SAR

Air Freshener Box

The car air freshener box from Viola contains 44 small bottles to perfume the car, characterized by its strong smell that lasts up to 45 days, without any problems on the nose or the environment, as it is safe and suitable for allergy sufferers,

The small package made of glass with an attractive design contains a distinctive perfume, and at the top is a hanging strap where you can hang it in the interior mirror of the car or even in your office or inside the house elegantly,


Air Freshener Box Specifications:

  • Box contains 44 air freshener bottles
  • The package is made of glass with an elegant and attractive design, with a polyester drawstring for hanging and a wooden cover
  • 100% Polish-made, safe, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic
  • The top lace is equipped with a round bead to facilitate fastening and adjust the length
  • 250 SAR

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