Baby shower cap

A hat to protect the baby's face

15 SAR

Baby shower cap

The baby shower cap is designed to protect your baby during his bath, as it prevents water and shampoo from escaping onto your baby's face.

Made of high-quality sponge-like material, it is very soft and smooth, providing complete comfort for your child when wearing it

A multifunctional hat that can be used in the shower, as sun protection, or even when cutting hair


Adjustable shower cap specification:


  • A child-safe hat that protects his eyes from water, hair wash, and soap.
  • Helps avoid dangers to children such as fear of water, ear infections, or dry drowning.
  • It gives complete freedom to the child while bathing as he can breathe freely and open his eyes safely.
  • Very soft and perfectly flexible.
  • 15 SAR

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