Adjustable Shower Cap - For Kids

Adjustable shower cap

18 SAR

Baby shower cap

The adjustable shower cap is an easy-to-use cap, designed to protect your child as it has a strap to resize it to fit his head, preventing water and shampoo from escaping onto your child's face.

Made of high-quality sponge-like material, it is very soft and smooth, providing complete comfort for your child when wearing it

A multifunctional hat that can be used in the shower, as sun protection, or even when cutting hair.


Adjustable shower cap specification:

  • A child-safe hat that protects his eyes from water, hair wash, and soap.
  • Equipped with four buttons to adjust the size to suit your child's head.
  • It gives complete freedom to the child while bathing as he can breathe freely and open his eyes safely.
  • Very soft and perfectly flexible.
  • 18 SAR

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