Cookware Organizer Container

لتنظيم الأواني والمقالي حتى 5 قطع

41 SAR

حاوية تنظيم أواني الطهي

Save more space in your kitchen by using the Cookware and Pans Organizer Container, where you can place it anywhere in your kitchen without taking up much space, and then put pans or cooking utensils inside it

The Cookware Organizer Container has 5 compartments for placing pans inside and is also adjustable in size and height to make it more convenient for all the utensils in your kitchen.

It has a beautiful shape that keeps your kitchen elegant, and it is made of sturdy metal for added durability and holds heavy utensils.


Specifications of the cookware organizer container:

  • The container containing 5 places adjustable and resizing
  • Suitable for use in kitchens with narrow space
  • Container made of sturdy and durable metal, elegant shape
  • 41 SAR

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