Comfortable sock shoes

Shoes made of natural fabric

59 SAR

Comfortable sock shoes

The closest feeling when you wear these shoes, as if nothing is in your feet, they are lightweight and made of high-quality natural fabric to provide extra comfort and super softness on the feet, in addition to the outer layer of the fabric that provides breathability to prevent sweating and keep the feet smelling clean.


You can walk with this shoe safely on all smooth floors and wet surfaces. It is equipped with an anti-slip sole. It is also easy to wear without straps or other things. Just insert your feet and wear them easily. In addition, it is available in different sizes and various colors.


Sock shoe specification:


  • High-quality shoes made of natural fabric
  • Provided with a feature of ventilation for the feet and prevent sweating
  • Anti-slip sole allows you to walk safely
  • Very comfortable and easy to wear
  • 59 SAR

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