Clothes organizer bag

Keep your clothes organized

35 SAR

Clothes storage bag

The organizer bag for personal belongings and small accessories is the most convenient place to store your belongings securely, in a way that enables you to find them in one place when you need them,


The clothes organizer bag is designed for your convenience, as it helps you organize and sort your clothes by type in an organized manner and saves space when storing. It is also made of strong material, to withstand various conditions, especially during travel or commuting,


The clothes organizer bag has a fabric handle for easy carrying, and it is available in three sizes, the large size is the best choice for shirts and large pieces of clothing, the medium size is suitable for T-shirts, and the small size helps you organize your underwear, socks and small pieces of clothing. (does not contain handle)


Clothes organizer bag specification:


  • A very practical bag for organizing clothes during travel and transportation
  • Durable and sturdy bag available in 3 different sizes
  • Keeps your clothes neat and tidy and provides you with extra storage space
  • 35 SAR

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