Bath belt to clean the body easily

Belt for cleaning and massaging

19 SAR

Body shower belt

During the shower, you may suffer from cleaning and massaging some parts of your body, such as the back, but this will be easy by using this belt, which is made of a soft material on the skin and is effective in cleaning safely.


It is characterized by ease of grip, as it is equipped with two handles at the ends, and its length is 70 cm. It is also designed in a way that prevents twisting and rotation so that you do not face any difficulty during its use, in addition to that it is safe and ideal for all skin types without problems or side effects.


Shower belt specification:

  • Practical and effective belt to clean the places you can't reach while showering
  • Equipped with handles for easy grip and prevent twisting and turning
  • Soft on the skin and keeps it clean without any side effects
  • 19 SAR

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