Baby Toilet Seat & Potty (2x1)

Baby potty and toilet seat 2 in 1

42 SAR

Children's toilet seat

Use this children's potty as a seat if you want to help your child sit on the toilet seat safely, you can also use it separately as a potty by folding it easily and sturdy, it is a 2 in 1 product that can be used on both sides.

It is characterized by its durability and stability, as it is non-slip, in addition to its lightweight and ease of carrying, as it is very practical in emergency situations, and is suitable for use for children over 3 months and less than 35 kg.


Specifications of children's toilet seat and potty:


  • Available in two colors, sky blue and pink.
  • A potty designed for easy use indoors and outdoors
  • Safe for the child as the legs are well secured during use
  • It can be carried anywhere, it is travel friendly and easy to clean and use.
  • 42 SAR
نرمين سعيد 2 months ago
متى توصل اذا طلبتها اليوم ؟
Asnaf 2 months ago
اهلا وسهلا فيك في الرياض خلال 24 ساعه باقي المدن 3 الى 4 أيام عمل

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