Baby Toilet Footrest - 1 Degree

Single step toilet seat

18 SAR

Footstool for toilet use

With this one-step footstool, you can help your child use the toilet properly or reach the "potty" with ease.

It is characterized by strength, durability, and anti-slip, to provide great safety for your child when using it, and it has a soft surface that gives comfort to your child when standing on it,

The footstool is versatile, as you can also use it for children while teaching them to use the sink, wash hands or brush their teeth, and use it anywhere inside the house with ease because of its lightweight and contains two side handles.


Toilet footrest specification:


  • It can be used for multiple purposes and in more than one place inside the house, whether rooms or bathrooms
  • It is lightweight, durable and strong, and is safe and anti-slip
  • The footstool is a great way to help your child use the potty.
  • 18 SAR

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