Accessories Organizer - Double Sided

حفظ اكسسواراتك بشكل مرتب وأنيق

30 SAR

حافظة تنظيم الاكسسوارات

The accessories case contains 72 pockets, to accommodate the largest number of your essentials and provide large storage space. It is also designed with a great design and is made of a soft, safe nylon material that does not cause scratches on accessories or other items.

Accessories case specifications:

  • A case suitable for all accessories and essentials, as it contains 72 pockets on both sides.
  • Keeps your belongings and accessories organized and organized
  • Made of soft nylon.
  • The case has clear see-through plastic pockets.
  • It can be easily hung just like a clothes hanger.
  • Perfect for tight spaces.

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  • 30 SAR

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