Travel Neck Pillow

Travel neck pillow

50 SAR

Travel neck pillow

A solution here: Do you travel a lot by plane or train? Tired of all the discomfort and neck pain? The solution is finally here with this amazing travel pillow. Enjoy rest and relaxation like never before!

Neck pillow, perfect for traveling by plane, train, or car

- Comfortable and lightweight

- Improved support design

- Machine washable cover

A must-have travel accessory

ENHANCED SUPPORT: The ingeniously designed neck pillow has perfect curves to prevent your head from moving, and comfortably holds your neck in place, helping to prevent any neck aches or pains that are usually associated with travel.

GUARANTEED TO FIT YOU: The travel pillow is designed with an adjustable rope lock so you can easily adjust angle and size for ultimate comfort. Moreover, since the neck pillow is adjustable, it fits any neck size perfectly.

Versatile: This is so much more than a neck pillow! The ergonomic design allows you to use the travel pillow to sleep on any table or flat surface. Simply turn it upside down. Use the pillow and relax everywhere: in the office, on the plane, bus or train!

ULTRA SOFT: The pillow has an ultra-soft cover that feels great against your skin. Moreover, the cover is made of a sweat-resistant fabric for added comfort and is machine washable

Helps to adjust the neck position to enjoy a comfortable sleep while traveling



It has a flexible locking strap

Comfortable high-quality sponge

  • 50 SAR

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