Sock sandal for kids

It has ventilation for the feet and prevents sweating

20 SAR

The Sock sandal is characterized by a modern design, strength in the material, and lightness in weight, which makes it the most suitable choice for children of both sexes, to wear it in various places, whether at home, on the street, the beach, and others.

This sandal is very comfortable and is characterized by the feature of ventilation for the feet and preventing perspiration through the holes in it on all sides, which are part of its modern design. In addition to the attractive colors, it is available in four colors: โ€œgray/black-blue/gray-yellow/orange-purple/pinkโ€

Specifications of the children's plastic sandals:

  • Lightweight and easy to wear sandal
  • Comfortable for the feet and ventilated to prevent perspiration
  • Available in different sizes for boys and girls

  • 20 SAR

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